HARRY - notes from the sidelines

Harry in security showed me around Mel & Sean Penns set. In a giant stone slab of a thing.
So many windows. So many rooms. Guess once teeming with old retired priests. Dormant,
I'm told the developer gods are bout to step in. Fucking always stepping in. Well, whatever rant.
Me and Harry stepped in. And immediately feel a nice energy hung in the air. Big and playful.
Long corridors. Wings. Strewn books. Half dismantled scenes. New bits. Old bits. Old carpets.
All pretty much in good shape. No fungus growing water dripping down walls. Spotting the
inner garden, note I have to go there. Doesn't look like anyone has. All in all, finding the evidence
much better. Like radio, filling in the blanks. Mystery. Lingering reverence in this case, maybe.
"Mel was great", Harry said. "Shook my hand". Thanked him personally going in and out.
"Sean was difficult". Detestable. Consumed. My thoughts filling in the blanks. In a mad shower
scene Sean asked two ppl to lose their phones. Harry didn't like this. I did I realised. On his set
it's his way. Should be. He's making art. It's serious. Precious. Not to be distracted/concerned
your live-streamed. A mother instantly proud in the aisles of Lidl. Off set is another thing.
Mel seems to be both. Almost like life has given him a second chance. And he knows it.
Thanks Harry. Kids always look back.

a Collaboration w/ David McDermott


11yr Hieronymus got expelled for making this